On location: The Dungeness Sound Mirrors.

These interesting structures are located near Dungeness in Kent on an island in the middle of an old sand and gravel quarry. The quarry is now an RSPB nature reserve and the sound mirrors are only accessible by special permission.We were filming a short documentary which explains the history of the quarry which was worked by CEMEX. 

The  quarry was handed over to the RSPB recently having been restored and renamed to Lade Pits.

Denge is a former Royal Air Force site near Dungeness, in Kent, England. It is best known for the early experimental acoustic mirrors which remain there.

The acoustic mirrors, known colloquially as ‘listening ears’, at Denge are located between Greatstone-on-Sea and Lydd airfield, on the banks of a now disused gravel pit. The mirrors were built in the late 1920s and early 1930s as an experimental early warning system for incoming aircraft, developed by Dr William Sansome Tucker. Several were built along the south and east coasts, but the complex at Denge is the best preserved.

On location: The Dungeness Sound Mirrors.

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