On location: The Dungeness Sound Mirrors.

These interesting structures are located near Dungeness in Kent on an island in the middle of an old sand and gravel quarry. The quarry is now an RSPB nature reserve and the sound mirrors are only accessible by special permission.We were filming a short documentary which explains the history of the quarry which was worked by CEMEX. 

The  quarry was handed over to the RSPB recently having been restored and renamed to Lade Pits.

Denge is a former Royal Air Force site near Dungeness, in Kent, England. It is best known for the early experimental acoustic mirrors which remain there.

The acoustic mirrors, known colloquially as ‘listening ears’, at Denge are located between Greatstone-on-Sea and Lydd airfield, on the banks of a now disused gravel pit. The mirrors were built in the late 1920s and early 1930s as an experimental early warning system for incoming aircraft, developed by Dr William Sansome Tucker. Several were built along the south and east coasts, but the complex at Denge is the best preserved.

On location: The Dungeness Sound Mirrors.

Our day on the Britannia Beaver

The Britannia Beaver – As seen from the air courtesy of our drone pilot JJ

As part of a project with BMAPA we were due to spend the day (a very long day) out at sea south of the Isle of Wight dredging for sand for use all over the county in various  forms and functions.

We came fully armed with as many video cameras, stills cameras action cameras and time-lapse cameras as we could have possibly have carried on-board. We arrived at Marchwood wharf to meet the ship and before we could say have we remembered everything the ship set sail on it’s tight schedule.

Leaving Southampton docks made for some interesting views as we made our way south of the Isle of Wight, around the Needles allowing us time to get to know the ship a little bit better and take some shots of the surroundings.

We arrived at the dredging area at 10:30 and the ships master dropped the dredging arm into the water and began dredging for the sand. The operation took between 3-4 hours to fill up the Britannia Beaver. After we had the full cargo the arm was raised and we continued (albeit slower now!) east and around the other side of the Isle of Wight and northwards again back to a very foggy, wet and dark Southampton docks.


We managed to get plenty of video and stills and even a superb drone view (check out the top picture!) that our top pilot JJ managed in a particularly challenging environment and conditions so well done him!

We’re awaiting the next dredger with eager anticipation to further increase the library of marine dredging videos and photos!

Our day on the Britannia Beaver

Pinsight Golf app launches!

It’s the app that golfers everywhere have been waiting for! Pinsight Golf has landed on the Apple App Store! We worked with the team at Pinsight to create the aerial flyover clips on the app and we’re very much looking forward to working closely with them through the summer and flying our drones to film more courses. For more details of our aerial services visit Go Aerial.


So if you’re a keen golfer we reckon it’s a must have app and will only continue to grow with more and more courses being added all the time. Even if you’re not into golf, why not check it out anyway, and if you do know anyone that’s into golf tell them about Pinsight! You’ll find their website at: www.pinsightgolf.com, or search for Pinsight on the Apple App Store.

Congratulations to the Pinsight team for the release, the app looks great!



Pinsight Golf app launches!

Spring has arrived!


Here at ECP Video we’re excited that it’s now officially spring, and crossing our fingers that the weather actually plays along! What this means is that as the days are getting longer and fairer, it’s an ideal time for photography and video production. In the interest in a bit of spring cleaning and a fresh start we’ve completely revamped both our ECP Video website and sister site Go Aerial and we’d really love for you to go take a look! With the new design we’ve tried to incorporate extensive video portfolios of our previous work in a slick, easy to navigate fashion. You’ll probably see something you’ve not seen before or perhaps didn’t realise we could do. You may also notice we may have a few new services you didn’t know we could offer before such as WordPress website design and other online services.


So, if you’ve got any projects in the pipeline we’d love to discuss them with you. As always, we’re here for a friendly chat about your ideas and perhaps share some of our own! If you don’t have the time to look at our beautiful new websites, here is a quick reminder of just a few of the things we can offer you or your business.


As part of our expansion, we’re now also able to offer an exciting range of new online services. These include website design and portfolio/archive creation and maintenance using services such as Vimeo & YouTube, and give advice on how best to utilise your new video on social media platforms.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

ECP Video

Spring has arrived!

Filming in Venice with M4 Design for Hitachi

We recently jetted off for a short trip to Venice. Our Mission… to film a new type of MRI Scanner, specifically the Hitachi Oasis Open MRI Scanner, and to interview a doctor from Santa Maria della Misericordia hospital in Rovigo.

Flying out very early morning we left on a cold, but beautifully clear day. Flying over the alps on such a clear sunny day was quite a sight.

As we approached the city of Venice we flew right past the Grand Canal and had a great aerial view looking down into the city.

Photo 18-02-2016

Once we had landed it was an hours drive to the hospital where we had to set up for the interview in the doctors office. As many of our projects for M4 Design and Hitachi involve flying to different countries, we’ve got used to taking only the essential equipment with us. We did get to test out our new handheld DJI Osmo which has a 4K camera on a stabilised gimbal and achieves shots similar to normal heavy, bulky steadicam rig.



Hitachi MRI Scanner Venice pic 2

Hitachi MRI Scanner Venice pic 4

After finishing the shoot it was back to the hotel as we had an early flight back home the following morning. We did have a chance to get a lovely meal for dinner though before bed…

IMG_8481      IMG_8482

Filming in Venice with M4 Design for Hitachi